The client

Vroom is an American company, founded in 2013, with the intent of creating a similarly-named product that makes the process of second-hand car sales much easier.

In spite of competition, after creating an improved car submitting flow, Vroom has managed to gain awareness and popularity, while steadily increasing its amount of users.

The objectives

My involvement in this project began with being commissioned to plan the initial process for the website and it’s mobile tie-in. Having only ideas and rough concepts, the main objective was to deliver a MVP in a timely manner – that would satisfy both users and investors.

1. Plan an easy, yet reliable process to sell your car through an app.
2. The app needed to have all the required data about the car, to avoid potential money losses.
3. There was a need to create a fool-proof flow, utilizing a well-explained process.

With several sketches to inspire me, I was tasked with delivering a working, fool-proof flow, that could work as a first draft and prove the viability of the project.

The process

Stage one of Vroom’s proof-of-concept was a careful characterization of the competitors. We needed to understand the market Vroom was invading into – where are the downfalls of the competitors and what we can improve upon.

Then – I had to plan and visualize my ideas for both easing the potential seller into the process and making the selling process itself as approachable as possible – despite the amount of data the user is asked to submit.

  • I have seen first-hand what kind of input the company must receive from the car seller, while attempting to ask for the bare minimum.
  • I have thought about the correct order for the user to fill out comfortably all the fields in the flow.
  • Being a delicate process, I have come up with ideas for visual aids for the user.
  • We have thought about the manner in which the user actually trades the car, and make it understandable via the service.

The result

Vroom has raised over $218M USD from investors in several funding stages, $7.5M of which were raised during the series A round.

They are steadily raising popularity, being covered and written about in magazines and growing in influence.

Eventually, Vroom has evolved into a fully-fledged web-based app, delivering a great experience and growing in users.