The client

TalentTribe was launched at 2014, around the idea of making the entire job seeking and applying much simpler. The idea was to bring the corporate culture into light and give a chance to the great, yet less-familiar companies to draw talents as well. This was to be accomplished by having companies maintain a well-designed corporate page, which includes company facts, videos, pictures, stories and more – followed by a simple application form.

The goal was to make the HR personnel and actual workers to shoot fun and potentially viral videos, share their internal stories and reach potential talents via the human factor – rather than relying strictly on compensation parameters.

The objectives

A working and viable version of the product was already up and running at the time of my arrival. The task at hand was to solve the relatively low conversion rates, while planning the product from the ground up, should this be necessary.

One of the challenges in such a project was to create the “similar but different” feeling, so the existing users would feel at home, when launching the newest version.

The initial task to be sorted out was the solving of a specific flow fault, caused excessive off-boarding. Research indicated high abandonment rate, specifically when dealing with the registration process.

The larger task of the project was to plan and create a “self-service” system for businesses, making it easy for them to launch a page, design it, publish it and get CVs from potential candidates.

The process

First, we have tackled the smaller task of clarifying the position application flow. 

Newcomers were presented with the “full experience”, while returning visitors were greeted with a much streamlined flow, with some of their data already filled in – without the need to register.

Following that, we have started working on the “self service” flow, mainly for businesses.

Therefore, we started planning how would the HR personnel and the marketing teams could use TalentTribe’s service with ease, launch their own company pages and film bits of the office life spontaneously.

Being a web-based system, one of the steps was to work from within to the outside – rethink the underlying system, then make the website reflect the same experience and approach, on both desktop and mobile.

Therefore, the web and mobile systems were closely attached, allowing taking daily videos on mobile and editing the actual page on a fully-fledged browser.

Additionally, we soon realized that there’s a need for a simple WYSIWYG page editor, that company workers can utilize. It needed to be both very friendly, and provide high-quality results, with zero knowledge needed.

  • This project required stepping outside the pre-set boundaries, in terms of scope and preemptive planning. Adding features as we progressed proved to be very efficient here.
  • This project allowed a seamless collaboration between the various stages in a product’s development lifespan. Having the website integrate into the actual application allowed the creation of some very interesting features.

The result

The changes made to TalentTribe’s systems and website ushered in a newly-found interest from companies and investors alike. Providing a robust platform for companies to present themselves, they have started approaching TalentTribe asking to be featured, instead of the other way around.

TalentTribe’s platform was utilized by brands such as DropBox, Gett, GeneralAssembly, HoneyBook, WeWork, Taboola, Fiverr, Wix and other prominent companies.

TalentTribe’s platform was utilized by brands such as DropBox, Gett, GeneralAssembly, HoneyBook, WeWork, Taboola, Fiverr, Wix and other prominent companies.