OnePlus One 64 GB Sandstone Black invitation giveaway

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Hello, readers! Following my review and its adaptations in various medias, many people have asked me for an invitation.
It’s too hard to choose between the dozens of requests I’ve got, so I’ve decided to leave things to chance!

Please participate in the raffle below, and you could win your own invitation!

Pssst… tweeting can be repeated, so come back daily to improve your chances…

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Comments (12)

  • Tom Yehudai says:

    What I will do with my new phone?
    I had Nexus 4 but its stuck and doenst working cleraly , with my new phone I will contact my friends all over the world faster, I will shot beautiful photos and send them, they will see Israel in other freckle. I really love to shot beautiful photos to my friends abroad and make them jealous of my beautiful country.

  • chiranjeev das says:

    I was planning to become a dictator of the puny humans with their puny gadgets but on the second thought I would do everything that I could not do in my 3 years old 4″,435MB,4GB Memory, Gingerbread phone…

  • Jonathon says:

    Good luck to you and hopefully me. ☺

  • shlomi says:

    i’m planing to do so much good with this phone
    i really lack of speed in my GS2 🙁
    it’s really time for a change!
    hope it will come from YOU 🙂

  • oz says:

    Use it

  • isaac sabr avdiel says:

    What I will do with my new phone?
    I ll throw out my 50$ telphone and will use normal one) please send me an invite

  • Ram Bulatnikov says:

    What will I do with my new phone?
    I will rock the house and make some noise! 😉

  • Asher says:

    I will replace my crappy broken screen Galaxy S3, and swag to everybody

  • Tom Pardo says:

    הבנתי שאתה מישראל אז החלטתי לרשום את זה בעברית אני עכשיו מתחיל ערוץ חדש ביוטיוב שבו אני מציג פלאפונים ומסקר אני אסקר את המכשיר הזה ראשון אם אני אקבל אותו ואיתן לך כרדיט בסרטון בוא תחלוק קצת אהבה ישראלית! תודה

  • David says:

    I will use it as my smartphone.

  • saeed gattas says:

    hope to get the invite

  • Michal says:

    I would replace my gigantic phone(nokia – but the oldest one) and enter to the smartphone world…

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