• UX Strategist for upcoming brands
    UX Strategist for upcoming brands
    Hila Yonatan
    Hila creates experiences made for people, mostly in the field of UX strategy for mobile and web apps.

    On a daily basis, she freelances in creating strategies for the various phases of the UX life cycle, making the product as friendly as possible.

    Hila specializes in defining a proper UX workflow, foreseeing trends and roadblocks in par with the market fluctuations and overseeing the work of UX teams - bringing fresh perspective to the table.
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Welcome! I am Hila Yonatan, a UX strategist from Israel, and to be more precise - I’m actually a design thinker in most aspects of life.

As a (humble!) design thinker kind of person, I try to travel near and far, and love finding inspiration in the most unexpected places. At my spare time, I’m an amateur photographer (a link to my 500px page - in the footer), I visit theme parks when I can and like just about anything whimsical in nature - fitting for a ‘90s girl. It can be roaming on foot through parks and scenic routes, listening to ambient music - you name it. I attend meetups and gatherings, where I enjoy conversing with insightful people and getting familiar with new ideas. A short fun-fact? I am particularly fond of the fennec fox and believe it’s the cutest animal ever

Other than that, I am involved with the local and global UX community: I write for professional magazines (Usability Geek, UXMag, GeekTime…), deliver short talks at meetups and occasionally mentor at workshops or startup accelerators. I try to learn and teach as much as I can - about as many things as I can.




Being a UX strategist and researcher, I'm detecting and solving potential problems with products - even before they have presented themselves. Creating a strategy requires me to bring insights to the table, analyze functionality trends and make sure the direction the product is headed for is the right one. Being a pioneer in this field, I can assess UX plans while innovating. The cases in which you don't need a UX strategist are: if you're business idea is not yet fully realized, if your goals are not defined and if there's no general business plan, at least.

- UX Strategy & Research -

Even when I don't necessarily design, there's no question that the designer in me needs to be set free from time to time. Companies hire me because of my ability to have a broader look at things, suggest new ideas and come up with stuff - before they become the norm. This ability has proven itself over and over - resulting in me being approached with requests to speak and teach UX design. There's always a warm spot in my heart for some oldschool hands-on wireframing and prototyping, which I do from time to time for a product that "clicks".

- UX Design -

Consultancy is a major part of my work routine. Bringing my experience to the benefit of each client - I am often able to provide a unique perspective and fresh ideas to the table. Regardless if we're having a single sitdown or developing a long-term relationship, the client ends up having fresh insights and more awareness. I have had the chance to consult to various different people: managers, investors, UX and design teams, speaking at meetups and composing guidelines. If you own a brand or hoping to develop one, you should contact me and we'll see how can I guide you along the way of making it work from day 1.

- Consultancy for Brands -


For each client, there's a unique work process of course. In general though, my first step is to understand the client's ideas (or product's requirements), conduct research while taking under consideration competitors and the specific conditions of the target market, and such...

Then, I map whatever’s working and taking notes of everything that doesn’t.

Following research and the observation of both emotional and quantitative data, the next step is usually providing the client with the distilled information needed to support the creation of a successful product or process with the best user experience.

It can be a one-time meeting, a series of them or an ongoing project after the launch.

Also, I'm always delighted to learn new methods and processes, while becoming an integral part of the team (which is already a habit :)).

Ready to get started?

So am I.



Hi, I am , and I'd like to work with you on a game-changer, which is related to .
Please email back to me at .

* If you'd like to book me for a lecture, workshop or mentoring, drop me line to hila@hilayonatan.co.il or give me call at +972-509-849-605

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