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I am Hila Yonatan, a UX consultant and a UI design lead from Israel. In my projects, I’m in charge of planning the user experiences and interface design for mobile and other web platforms.

I spend my time working with startups and companies on new and existing products alike, try to travel near and far and enjoy the little things in life. I am also a B.A. of Communications and Design, occasional speaker and a freelance researcher of user behavior and engagement.

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I was born in late 1984, and ever since was attracted to the visual aspect of things. That’s why it wasn’t a great surprise when I’ve decided to learn it professionally. Aside from being a freelance designer for some time, I worked at several companies under the title of Senior UX Designer and Studio Leader.
I work as a part of a team and solo alike, was published in several leading magazines (UX Mag, Geektime…) and try to learn as much as I can – about as many things as I can.

Besides work, I’m interested in photography, theme parks and just about anything whimsical in nature. Roaming on foot through parks and scenic routes, vintage-inspired clothing, ambient music – you name it. Let’s not forget the occasional series binge or going out with friends 🙂

Also, my favorite animal is the fennec fox, so if you read this and able to find me one for adoption – please contact me ASAP 🙂


Munching Waffles 🙂 73%
Very Happy Clients 93%
Design! 100%


My personal goal is to assume my clients’ mindset and drive the project to the finishing line – while enjoying the way.


I specialize in UX & UI design of mobile apps – so whether I consult or design hands-on, I try deliver the best possible result.


Just drop me a line here or via email. I’ll write you back and we’ll discuss your specific needs and requirements.


I mainly use Sketch and Zeplin for my work, but when I need, I can also launch Photoshop, research and prototyping tools (InVision and such…).


B.A. in Communications & Design, and many other non-formal and formal courses, conventions and seminars.


Over a decade of work in the design field, mostly as a freelancer. I also write for magazines and give talks from time to time.

Things I Do

UX Consultation | UI Design | Mobile apps | User research | Systems and interfaces | Web front & back end

Ready to get started? Great, so am I.


Got work requiring a professional touch and some pixie dust? Write me and we’ll talk!